ChemIndustrial Liquid Batching Features

Liquid batching - features

Basic features
Handling liquid ingredients

ChemIndustrial uses a range of innovative liquid handling methods where necessary to achieve specific batching purposes. Some of these innovative techniques involve controlling centrifugal pumps in proprietary ways to perform volumetric metering tasks that would otherwise require piston or diaphragm pumps. The high reliability and low capital cost of centrifugal pump-based flow metering systems often make these a better choice than positive displacement pumps for the batching systems we design.

Controller-based batching systems

When necessary, we add equipment such as pumps, valves, in-line mixing elements and instrumentation items such as load cells, flowmeters and process control computers. Simplicity remains a prime objective, so we are proactive in minimizing complexity even as system requirements become more elaborate.

Solid ingredients

Many batching systems require the addition of solid ingredients. ChemIndustrial has an array of techniques for incorporating solids into batch runs.

Batch recipes

Recipes are generally maintained in a desktop computer and downloaded to the batch control system on an as-needed basis. Report generation involves uploading batch data using the same data link.

Other batching system elements

ChemIndustrial also configures and supplies the other process elements needed for a complete batching system. We supply ingredient tanks, mix tanks, surge tanks and finished product vessels. We also design and build batch ingredient valve manifolds for the inlet side of batching systems and batch distribution manifolds for the outlet side.


We design special batching configurations to satisfy unusual batching requirements presented by customers for industrial, lab and agricultural projects.

Let our experience work for you

ChemIndustrial's customers avoid the cost and time needed to write detailed equipment and control specifications by allowing us to adapt our technology to specific situations. This reduces project costs and decreases the time needed to quote and accomplish projects.

Since most experts agree that there is little evidence that better systems result from the customer effort spent preparing detailed specs, it makes sense for customers to leverage ChemIndustrial's substantial batching capabilities.

Help ChemIndustrial understand your requirements

If you want ChemIndustrial to make a batching system proposal, the best way to proceed is to provide us with as much information as possible about what you want to accomplish. To help you organize your thoughts and present your information to us, print this document: CHEMINDUSTRIAL BATCHING QUESTIONNAIRE. Do the most complete job you can in completing it.

For guidance in completing the questionnaire, link to: a completed batching questionnaire.

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